Ennufff (our patois version of the English word “enough”) was birthed from our personal experiences with sexual violence in Jamaica. While Karen and I have had very different experiences – mine a one-time event, hers repeated – the traumatic upheavals we’ve faced afterward have borne striking resemblances. Through these traumatic events, we started the process and journey to healing. Ennufff is part of this on-going journey. Raising awareness about sexual violence, and the impact on its victims/survivors, in Jamaica, throughout the Caribbean and the Diaspora, has become our mandate. Ennufff is a social media platform that gives a voice to this mandate. As an Internet radio show (on BlogTalkRadio), Karen and I started Ennufff just over a year ago.  To date, we’ve had over 14,000 listeners. We also have readers, followers and friends, who frequently visit our Ennufff blogs, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

We want the world to know that we’ve had ennufff (enough) of the shame and secrecy associated with sexual abuse and violence.  We’ve had ennufff of the “victim” blaming and lies. We’ve had ennufff of sheltering perpetrators while desecrating survivors. To ensure change, Karen and I will continue to talk and write about the issues that face victims and survivors of sexual abuse and violence (particularly in the Caribbean). The truth is, it isn’t the survivors fault.  It is never the survivors’ fault.  Here’s where we re-write the story.

Ennufff is ennufff!


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