Rick Ross & Artistic Responsibility

It’s the age old question. Do artists have a responsibility to censor their art (music, film, etc…), especially in thinking about the young and impressionable minds who have access to their final products (Not to mention the influence they wield among their peers, who may be considered grown by chronological age, but in groups, tend to behave equally as impressionable)? The recent Rick Ross lyrical offering in U.O.E.N.O, glorifying rape culture is a prime example, but not the only example. Do they have a responsibility OR do we all have responsibility? Most artists respond in the typical way, indicting parents and guardians. As a parent, I get that we do have a responsibility BUT in this social media technology-driven world, policing what our children listen to and watch has become increasingly challenging. I swear this is not a cop out, but one of the realities we all face in answering this question. Another reality identifies an equally culpable intermediary – the Media. What responsibility does the Media bear? Why not begin a conversation around that? Driven by sensationalism, views, hits, sales, and controversy, where is the recognition of your power and influence? While the typical answer here puts the onus on the consumer, there are studies that show the Media can help drive and change the conversation. Here is an article that speaks to the Media’s power to influence positive change. What would our world and Rape Culture look like if the Media shared responsibility with artists and families? That is the reframed question. Help us start the conversation. What are your thoughts?

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Damali Robertson


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