Karen’s April 2013 Editorial

Karen_2It is the time for healing. Spring has sprung!  Tis the piece I will call The Ridiculous ‘Wounded’ Monkeys…

The content of our consciousness is based on how we are shaped and conditioned by society, through internal and external conditions, and this is how things are reflected in or through society.  Is it possible that we can seek to find out what our life is by the I/me (individual) or the we (collectively us), or the I, as one, Universal? What I know for a fact is, the world worries from a I/me perspective and that brings out the unconscious ego.  Instead, we need a conditioned movement for opposition and resistance, equality and justice as the I, as one, Universal.

The we (collective) lives in distraction like entertainment, sports, and celebrity (false) reality shows.  No one teaches that the conscious inner alignment is the vehicle that takes us to our thought which displays the distorted behavior reflecting the state of the conformed conditioned mind.  There are enormous sufferings in every human being.  There is the mental, emotional, physical sufferings that stems from the conditioned mindset and collective mindset that thinks that this is life, from a cultural, political, and religious perspective.  However, we are all human beings with one commonality and that is, seeking our own liberation and equalities in different shapes and forms.

Society encourages children to learn by experience and demonstration. What about that monkey on society’s back.. or that damn monkey who represents the three famous refrains, ‘hear no evil, see no evil, or speak no evil’? I have seen in my lifetime a society that is not expected to hope because most will never know the history of their own demons.  They are too busy following the monkey’s refrains. Pretending that all is well. These demons have victimized their own people, leaving the wounded monkey to remain free but silent.  Everyone has a hidden story that has never been told to them because of the, ‘for peace sake’ myth.  But, is there any peace in pretending (‘hearing, seeing, or speaking no evil when that evil is all around us) and who does it give the peace?

Looking around, I have noticed in the awakening moments the ‘OMG’ responses from friends and family. “How come I never knew or no one ever told me?” becomes the recurring questions. The questions of why, what, where, who, and when, then circulates the emotional house.  In my own growing up, I noticed anger without reason. Leaving me to see my own mother’s anger as emotions that had to be repressed. She had a hard life, unable to express herself, or entertain counseling, she would say, ‘I will help myself’.

My mother and I are very different in this way. Because I seek outlets for my demons. Music has always been the remedy and therapy for my soul. So, a song in my head sings as I remember the past,  ‘Season’s no reason for change’. But there must be a change.  To eliminate the unhealthy masks, to be willing to unravel the past, to recognize the present, the I, as one, Universal must step forward.  The future is present, the pioneering workers are hurt, yet willing to heal (unlike the wounded monkeys) by beginning to remove their own masks and get in touch with self, roots, and history, to lead the next generation from the myth of peace by silence.  Change or healing can never find peace in silence. The wounded monkeys must be encouraged to speak their truth to begin healing.


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