Pursuing Happiness Living in Obscurity! Part V

Despite life’s challenges as a survivor, lover of life unfolding my wings, I am free, happy, and at peace.  My journey continues through my purpose and role as a wife, mother of six, grandmother of four, friends to many, and guide to few.. My humbleness leaves me in obscurity based on my past, because the less said is the more heard.  Reading is my passion, helping others is a given, and loving is a natural.  The mission is the purpose and the purpose is from the experience.  Encouraging and empowering victims and survivors are one of the ways I personally learn and heal.  As I move forward letting go of my pieces, it allows me the freedom to feel the next breath of fresh air.  Life with post trauma is difficult but discipline of staying your course in the process of its ups and downs – it is staying real with the man in the mirror!

Karen - In her Element - JAKaren Ayee is a sexual abuse advocate, community leader/volunteer, radio co-host, writer, storyteller, and a graduate student pursuing holistic psychology for complimentary therapy.  It is the mind, body and soul that are injured when sexual violence occurs.  Despite her own issues and pursuits, her greatest challenge is the balance of seeing her children, all happy, healthy in their growth, and established in their well-being.   




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