Pursuing Happiness Living in Obscurity! Part IV

Presently, looking into the various situations, stages of sexual violence from a deep perspective, allows me to think first before I make decisions.  This journey of my life has been an experience of good and poor choices.  With no guidance or belonging, I had to raise myself like so many others who relate to feel the pain gain lesson.  Oftentimes I am caught in an awe-belonging moment where the ah ha is faced with the disbelief that someone else shares similar experiences such as, insecurities, fear, pain, shame, and confusion despite diverse backgrounds.  It takes someone to be pro active, or supportive based on how each person relates to sharing.  The ‘You too? Me too!’ campaign is one of relativity of interest because that is how I was introduced to my kindred spirit, sister, friend, and business partner – Damali Robertson.  While Damali’s background is not similar to mine, (she had her parents, no poverty issues and more stable upbringing). Our partnership is about doing what is necessary to end the crimes of Rape, Sexual Assault, Violence, and Abuse.  We both were brought together intentionally by a mutual special friend we shared.  He told me we could be powerful together and I always felt he was right, hence the power strengthened later when we reconnected and launched our talk radio show, ENNUFFF and the organization for US Rising, (Universal Survivors Rising).  The necessity of these forums and platforms bring us to sharing the challenges we face and the skills needed in our lives.  I recently read Damali’s blog post on her journey to healing and the importance of that journey as it unfolds.  I totally support that journey. It is how we get to see the raw unfolding of our wings and the freedom to fly with truth, (it really sets you free from the trauma; giving us techniques to help heal).

Sisters and allies in life and the healing journey

Isis, Damali, Karen, & Vel – Sisters and allies in life and the healing journey


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