Pursuing Happiness Living in Obscurity!

A five part series that takes you on my journey – by Karen Ayee

Part I

How can I go looking for happiness when I am hurting so much inside? Especially when I look around and there is hurt all around me masked in various styles, shapes, and forms.  Having no idea, I thought I could find this happiness outside of myself from someone else.  It began with NOT loving myself, because the people who were supposed to be responsible for me as a little girl had left me behind, abandoned me in a world that only sought gratification from the less fortunate.  In my book, Telling my Story, I have so many things to say about the multi-traumatic events throughout my young developing life.  I hid behind the dark shadow of secrets – behind my devastation, pain, and shame.  Having children from two husbands could not be as bad as the addictions some of my fellow victims suffered, but two lonely marriages is easier to describe.  I know it takes a process in understanding the dysfunctions of marriage, relationships, but the journey of forgiveness was the beginning to my healing.

To be continued…tomorrow….

Karen Ayee

Karen Ayee


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