Masculinity and Sexual Assault

How does sexual assault affect male victims/survivors? How does this form of victimization redefine manhood? I suspect it shatters the core of male survivors and shakes their very foundation.  As a daughter, mother, friend and significant other, I’ve grown up in a world where men are revered, regarded as pillars of strength and protectors of their communities. Over time I’ve come to understand the pressure these images and perceptions place on them. How can a man be a “MAN” and a victim at the same time? By society’s standards, if he’s a victim, he can’t be a man. We must confront and shatter these harmful suppositions.  No wonder the men who have endured sexual abuse suffer in silence.  It is time for us to re-write this story. I, for one, promise to revere the men who come forward.  I will highlight their courage and serve as an ally.  Karen and I will use Ennufff as a platform to big up di bredrin dem and mek dem know it wasn’t their fault.  Ennufff will be a welcoming space for male victims/survivors.

Please join Karen and I for the next episode of Ennufff, as we explore sexual assault through a male lens.  We will discuss Jerry Sandusky’s conviction, Tyler Perry’s stories of childhood sexual abuse, and highlight other historic and current examples of this abuse. It is time to uplift our brothers as they heal from the trauma and pain of sexual abuse.