Liberation – part 1

Ever have inspiration tapping you at midnight? A voice whispering in your ear, “get up now and write this down or you’ll lose it.”  If you have, you can relate to what I’ve been through in crafting this piece and preparing for our next episode of Ennufff.  Almost a month ago, just back from my journey to Jamaica, I was lying in bed, and it came to me, the word…the Morgan Heritage song, “Liberation.”  It was as if Morgan Heritage was standing there singing to me, the words played over and over in my mind, “Liberation, whoa, whoa, chant, whoa.”  The very next morning, I got up and called Karen, telling her our next episode of Ennufff has to be about Liberation. To my delight, she listened to all my reasons why and immediately agreed.  We talked about the many forms and expressions of Liberation, be they found through the arts, telling your truth, education, forgiveness and healing…there are many paths to Liberation and the journey there is often fraught with obstacles, but from everything I’ve learned about it, it is well worth the journey when you arrive at your destination.

On the next episode of Ennufff we’ll examine Liberation in its many contexts and spend some time looking at it through survivors’ eyes.

Karen and I hope to hear from you. Leave your comments here or call in.

Tell us, when you think of Liberation, what comes to your mind?


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