The Feminine Energies

When positive feminine energies converge, we’re unstoppable.  This past week, I worked with two sisters, Karen Ayee and Velika Lawrence (aka Vel), to conceptualize and draft a framework for a community foundation dedicated to illuminating the issues of sexual violence and abuse across the Caribbean.  A week together and not one cat fight.  Can you imagine?

If only more of us (women) believed in our own power – our innate ability to empathize, create, overcome, nurture, innovate and love.  Instead the majority have bought into the old adage, “women just don’t get along.”  It’s a myth we tell ourselves.  A creed we live by.  A mantra we repeat. A brazen lie we perpetuate – a lie that has taken on a life of its own.  Perceived as our own worst enemies and greatest detractors, we women stand idly by while our stories are being written for us but not by us. However, like all the stories we have inherited or been told, we have the power to re-write them.

We can rewrite this story by living, loving, learning and sharing the truth of our power.  The truth is we are far more powerful together than we are standing alone.

Karen, Vel and I share a passion for ending sexual abuse and violence. We are each expressive, vibrant, and dynamic. We are opinionated and strong. Our stories are emotionally charged and heartfelt.  The traumas we’ve each endured inspire us to educate others and raise awareness.  We hope that our stories will help even one person.  We could each do this work alone but it wouldn’t be the same.  Neyo and Fabolous said it best: “I’m a movement by myself, but I’m a force when we’re together.”

I’m glad I rewrote this story years ago. In my teens and early twenties I surrounded myself with nuff bredrinLove mi bredrin dem still, and acknowledge the balance masculine energies bring, but I have grown to love and value the women in my life.  Here’s to the feminine energies.


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